Total brainwash in Illuminatiland makes it last and last.

Apr 9, 2016

Economic treason: King: Saudi v Putin v Venezuela's Maduro - in plain sight

Introduction - Two fights for a title in Economy
The promoter of both fights: illuminati overtime. 
"Putin" wins both, the first as challenger and the second as defender. 
But it's the inclusion of the military context that leaves no doubts about the decision.
Economic treason: Russia's "Putin" beats Saudi King and Venezuela's Maduro in plain sight
"Putin" v "Saudi King": the title fight for "world champion for economic treason in plain sight".
At the end of the show "Putin" strips the Saudi King of his title. 
"Putin" became the first to "sell" oil and gas below production costs to the official IV Reich (NATO), this paradoxically as the gap in Saudi Arabia is drastically reduced by the day. 
In other words: as the Saudi oil reserves also rapidly come to an end.
"Putin"'s challenger: Venezuelas's Maduro
Shortly after "Putin" stripped the Saudi King of his title in the fight for world champion in economic treason in plain sight: "Putin" challenged by Maduro.
The gap between the humiliation of the population through staged "economy chaos" and real national wealth is pushed to new limits.
Last but not the least because the script unfolds as Venezuela conquers the "world's largest oil reserves" title.
Why "Putin" doesn't lose his title to Venezuelas's Maduro:
"Putin"'s answer to Maduro's script going as far as "Venezuelas has no money to pay the bill for printing money":
- russian navy and especially airforce massively used to support the the IV Reich, joining the "US led coalition" in Syria since Sep 30 2015, at the cost of $XX millions a day
- while the despair of russians, includes pensions reduced again and again, causing for example, military veterans becoming homeless every day, as they no longer afford to pay the rents.
Why you don't need to know the exact XX millions that Syria daily costs to Russia to let "Putin" keep the title
For the same reason that "Putin" would get his title in 2014 even if the price for "selling" oil and gas had not been pushed under the "below production costs" milestone.
Unlike Maduro, "Putin"'s transfer of oil and gas to the official IV Reich goes hand in hand with military treason in plain sight:
Fake Putin sets milestones for economic and military treason in parallel
1. Since March 2014 supplying the Ukraine while the Kiev regime was stating that it would attack Russia to regain Crimea.
This said you don't even need to also mention: while also carrying out the war by terror in Donetsk and Lugansk since Apr 2014, targeting ethnic russians who had previously voted to ultimately join Russia, same as Crimea.
2. Since Sep 2015 bombing together and for the first time ever in the same skies as a "US led coalition".
Fake Putin's arsenal of bombs for his suicide mission.
The break-up of Russia started already, with Chechnya. Kaliningrad is next - new bombs added regularly
Quantitative and qualitative limits to human cattle not able to compute 1+1 sums.
Illustrated by "news" articles;
Apr 2016 - Bombs by a suicide bomber about to fully detonate at the end of the socialist show and beyond:
Venezuela: Maduro: Mockery of simulated reality: from no money to self-print to must have self-generators
Economic and military treason reduced to one word: Kaliningrad

Mar 16, 2016

Obama staged arrest mocked again: superfluous "N Korea sentences US tourist" act

Consequence of illuminati overtime extended again and again:
Superfluous theater act to AGAIN mock the coming Obama's staged arrest in Congress on live TV.
Only goal, two years after the two original episodes: refresh brains of human cattle.
North Korea sentences US tourist to 15 years in prison, hard labor - same simulated reality mocked again
This goes well beyoond another act of illuminati theater selling the "US vs North Korea hoax".
What the immediate mockery is:
1. what the video shows not ONE but FIVE times in the first 30 seconds at FIVE different locations inside the same building.
2. how the "sentenced" acts while he's being carried by the two policemen.
2016 Episode staged only because illuminati were forced to postpone what it mocks
This is the third episode of the series.
The first two episodes:
-  North Korea Dec 2013 
- one month later, during Obama's state of the Nation address Jan 2014, three months before what the series  mocks was originally scripted to take place.
These two episodes already included all four components.
In other words: this act now is superfluous, staged only to refresh the brains of the human cattle.
Reason because what these episodes mock and was originally scripted for 2014 will only take place now.
This is what the "two North Korea policemen drive sentenced out of room" really mocks:
Obama's staged arrrest, a key act to terminate simulated reality, alias the world as the human cattle knows it.
The coreography involves four main components:
1.- live TV (again a  moclery, there's no such thing)
2.- members of Senate and Congress on the background
3.- two men detaining Obama, by grabbing him under the arms
4.- Obama totally silent, head down while being driven out of the room
It was ALL explained by Last Prophet Jan 2014, exosing the original episode: "eaten alive by hungry dogs after arreste on live TV".
Video: "North Korea sentences US tourist to 15 years in prison" 
"Obama Bin Laden resurfaces in or near Afghanistan, standing by the missing Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777" originally scripted for Easter Sunday 2012.
Reminder of Last Prophet from Jan 2014, 3 months before the first modified date:
What happens the day after Obama Bin Laden resurfaces in video claiming a remake of 9/11:
Theater act "Obama arrested **LIVE** on TV with senate and congress members as background".
It was introduced by this parallel script: "North Korea great leader's uncle arrested live, eaten alive by hungry dogs".

Jul 2016 - Turkey fake coup: Erdogan's invasion of Syria will start one day after the Rio Olympics. 
ZIKA and the senator/president Obama paradox
BIG BANG postponed: renaming the Kill Shot  vs renaming the "Obama arrested on live TV" .