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Mar 16, 2016

Obama staged arrest mocked again: superfluous "N Korea sentences US tourist" act

Consequence of illuminati overtime extended again and again:
Superfluous theater act to AGAIN mock the coming Obama's staged arrest in Congress on live TV.
Only goal, two years after the two original episodes: refresh brains of human cattle.
North Korea sentences US tourist to 15 years in prison, hard labor - same simulated reality mocked again
This goes well beyoond another act of illuminati theater selling the "US vs North Korea hoax".
What the immediate mockery is:
1. what the video shows not ONE but FIVE times in the first 30 seconds at FIVE different locations inside the same building.
2. how the "sentenced" acts while he's being carried by the two policemen.
2016 Episode staged only because illuminati were forced to postpone what it mocks
This is the third episode of the series.
The first two episodes:
-  North Korea Dec 2013 
- one month later, during Obama's state of the Nation address Jan 2014, three months before what the series  mocks was originally scripted to take place.
These two episodes already included all four components.
In other words: this act now is superfluous, staged only to refresh the brains of the human cattle.
Reason because what these episodes mock and was originally scripted for 2014 will only take place now.
This is what the "two North Korea policemen drive sentenced out of room" really mocks:
Obama's staged arrrest, a key act to terminate simulated reality, alias the world as the human cattle knows it.
The coreography involves four main components:
1.- live TV (again a  moclery, there's no such thing)
2.- members of Senate and Congress on the background
3.- two men detaining Obama, by grabbing him under the arms
4.- Obama totally silent, head down while being driven out of the room
It was ALL explained by Last Prophet Jan 2014, exosing the original episode: "eaten alive by hungry dogs after arreste on live TV".
Video: "North Korea sentences US tourist to 15 years in prison" 
"Obama Bin Laden resurfaces in or near Afghanistan, standing by the missing Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777" originally scripted for Easter Sunday 2012.
Reminder of Last Prophet from Jan 2014, 3 months before the first modified date:
What happens the day after Obama Bin Laden resurfaces in video claiming a remake of 9/11:
Theater act "Obama arrested **LIVE** on TV with senate and congress members as background".
It was introduced by this parallel script: "North Korea great leader's uncle arrested live, eaten alive by hungry dogs".

Jul 2016 - Turkey fake coup: Erdogan's invasion of Syria will start one day after the Rio Olympics. 
ZIKA and the senator/president Obama paradox
BIG BANG postponed: renaming the Kill Shot  vs renaming the "Obama arrested on live TV" .

Apr 12, 2015

Jerusalem Osama resurrects 2012 postponed why missing Boeing 777 script reads like chronicle

After 1,000 articles in 100 blogs, this was the first and so far only one to include an exclamation mark.
Explanation for Easter Sunday 2016 added together with the second one.

Show to end all shows: Introduction: First act was scripted for one year before the last!!
"Abbottabad, the compound where the al-Qaeda leader lived and died, had the same shape as the Israeli-occupied territories".
"Within 24 Hours of Death: Osama Bin Laden Buried at Sea, in the Paciic Ocean, one week after Easter Sunday 2011".
One year later, the homosexual ethnic indonesian actor casted as "Obamessiah of the Obamanation of Desolation" in his secondary role, Osama:
- "ressurects on Easter Sunday in Jerusalem curcified to the missing Boeing 777".

Why start of BIG BANG postponed, modified
Explanation reads like a chronicle of how illuminati overtime was again extended after the script's original end date, Easter Sunday 2012.

Anti-bible: mock resurrection, a 9/11 remake
The show to end all shows that was originally scripted for Easter Sunday 2012

Contrast how 9/11 was exposed with its remake
Last Prophet was the first to exposed the full story of 9/11.
It took five years to explain ALL the basic facts about the ultimate example mixing real and fake blood in the same city in the same day.
Contrast with the remake:
- it started in 2011 and Last Prophet almost immediately exposed the basic line, almost one year before the date for which it was originally scripeted. 
- 5 years later (as of Easter 2016) it's still unfolding. Yet the FULL story (three lines) has already been explained by Last Prophet still in 2014. 

What Last Prophet exposed worldwide first
Every chapter of the 9/11 remake, both original and modified script: 
1. The basic script lines, which were originally three, the first two being the absolute minimum.
2. Why it was postponed each year. 
As of Easter Monday 2016, this happened now five times, each Easter Sunday from 2012 to 2016, as implied by the script's title.
3. Why the script was reduced to the absolute minimum. In other words why Jan 2015, the third script line, the Shanksville remake, had to be aborted 3 weeks after the start.

The basic script lines - when was each one exposed:
1. What will happen: "Obama Bin Laden will resurrect from the Indian Ocean".
Exposed: 2011 Sep, days after "death of Osama Bin Laden".

2. When and how will it happen: "it will take place Easter Sunday at Jerusalem, crucified to the missing Boeing 777". This was originally scripted for 2012.
Exposed: 2014 March, days after "missing Malaysian airliner over the Pacific Ocean": 

3. What will additionally and previously happen: remake of 9/11 Shanksville, with some reversed details.
Exposed: 29 Dec 2014, hours after the "second missing airliner over the Pacific Ocean", this time indonesian. 

Script changes - Why Easter Sunday resurrection postponed again and again, remake of Shanksville aborted
Easter Sunday 2012 and 2013 
Each time postponed even before "missing Boeing 777" would be staged, originally scripted for early 2012.
Reason: the start of the Arab Spring and foremost the armed revolt in Syria.
Remider: Syria's Assad and treasonous Israel goverment, all nazi agents after the 1975 coup, have the leading roles in "Destruction of Israel", a key chapter of the illuminati anti-bible. 

Easter Sunday 2014, May 4 
Early Jan 2014 - Aleppo, largest syrian city: rebels expell ISIS, a major blow to the illuminati.
And yet the illuminati Grand Master decides to no longer postpone the Easter resurrection.
The main reason: the Ukraine Maidan "revolution" and "Putin reacts by entering Crimea" was unfolding exactly as scripted. 
First week of March, as illuminati set a miestone for endless deceptiion in Crimea, Illuminati Grand Master gives the green light for "missing malaysian Boeing 777".
It starts March 7, two years later as planned.
Mid April - a few brave men in Slavyansk, Donetsk, force the Illuminati Grand Master to postpone it once again, for the first time a decision taken at the last minute, just days before Easter Sunday. 

Easter Sunday 2015, April 5
Same as 2012 and 2013, syrian rebels force the script to be postponed for 2016.
Illuminati Grand Master will have to resort to have "Putin" entering the war.
That HAS TO BE enough to finally be able to stage the resurrection in 2016, the last Easter Sunday with Obama still playing "Obamessiah of the Obamanation of Desolation"
What happened:
Dec 28, 2014 - The start of the Shanksville remake is all it takes to show that despite major military defeats in Iraq in summer 2014, Easter 2015 was still the new scripted date.
January 18, 2015 - Illuminati forced to abort the Shanksville script because of freedom loving people of Novorussia, more precisely the failed final assault on Donetsk.
This again against all odds, starting with having as political leaders treasonous nazi infiltrators sent by "Putin" to suppress the revolt.
In other words: the act "black box reveals passengers tried to resist terrorists forcing plane to crash in the Indian Ocean" had to be not only canceled but deleted from script, because the act "black bozes found" had already been announced.

Feb 2015 - nazi forces in total disarray at the Debaltseve cauldron, Lugansk.
Yet thanks to treasonous leaders, total nazi defeat could be not only averted but also the rebel victory could soon start to become a defeat, thanks to yet another "truce".

Mar 2015 - again against all odds, the situation in Syria became desperate for the illuminati. THis is why the script was again postponed at the last minute:
Syrian rebels armed with self made weapons:
1. After resisting 
- air bombings by "US led coalition" that had officially started Sep 2014
- IV Reich ground troops, including 40,000 iranian and lebanese shock troops armed with some of the most modern weapons.
2. are now about to defeat Assad, with the first regional capital entirely liberated (Idlib) and Latakia about to fall.

Easter Sunday 2016, March 27 - Added
Russian jets and cruise missiles for the first time ever together with the "US led coalition" over the same skies since Sept 2015.
Feb 28, 2016 - "truce", "peace talks", but unlike Minsk 2015, without the real military commanders.
And, against all odds, the script is not only postponed but now another chapter is lost: it was the last Easter Sunday with the Obamessiah still at the White House.

Osama Bin Laden's resurrection, a 9/11 2001 remake: 
Original script for the remake of New York 9/11 2001.
God repeatedly postpones and irrevocably modifies the satanic script.

Mar 3, 2016: Syria "truce": beyond mockery, it's a desperate attempt to set the stage for Osama's resurrection at Jerusalem on Eaaster Sunday 2016

BIG BANG: what happens after Osama Bin Laden's resurrection:

So how many followers does the TRUTH have, shortly before the curtain falls? Answer:
Snapshot preserving the number, as of Jul 2016:

Last Prophet also exposed worldwide first the FULL STORY (HOW and WHY it was staged) of countless acts of these types of the very same simulated reality now being terminated:
1. Simulated reality of type fake blood
Example: Taiwan: Taipei TransAsia Airways plane crash: joke about ongoing 9/11 remake, Malaysia to Indonesia, Taiwan to Jerusalem.

2. Mix of simulation and reality, mix of fake and real blood
Talk of fake airliner crashes 
First and Ultimate Example: 9/11 2001 illustrates how illuminati stage real and fake blood in the same day in the same city, New York.

3. Mass ritual sacrifices alias real blood staged as accidents
Talk of New York, 9/11 and Taipeh, Taiwan:
Example: Taipeh illustrates fake blood and a mass ritual sacrifices staged at the same city but rather within months than hours:

Jul 16, 2016 - Turkey Exposed hours after the FAKE Coup attempt,
Illuminati theater, SCRIPT:: suppress sunni opposition to Syria Invasion

Jan 6, 2015

Oil Price below production costs for dummies

From Jan 2015, updates signaled in brackets

Introduction - [Jan 2016: Ebola's 5 chars reduced to 4: ZIKA]
Why Illuminati MUST NOW administrate the KILL SHOT: ZIKA reduced to 3 chars: _I_
1993: WHY did the Illuminati launch the BIG BANG script, the show to terminate all shows? 
_I_ is the unchanged keyword.
Try to solve the riddle before reading the article.
Hint: same keyword as what "Illuminati losing money at the end of the show" refers to.

Oil Price below production costs for dummies
Illuminati losing money at the end of the show: it was exposed by Last Prophet in 1998.

Nov 1998: oil prices of $10 a barrel psy-op 
Staged while oil platforms kept setting new depth records, already beyond 2,000 mt.
The psy-op was part of the agenda "keep human cattle quiet while being transported to the slaughterhouse" in parallel to the ultimatum to Serbia, months before the bombing finally started.
Possible because Illuminati controlled more than 99% of the oil production, same as since Illuminati replaced the murdered Putin with an impostor. 
Jan 2015: at first sight the same psy-op isn't as extreme, with oil prices at $40 a barrel.
The opposite is true and the ultimate reason is not because the psy-op now includes the low-cost airlines offering tickets for also $40.

Psy-op upscaled to the utter limits during illuminati overtime
The bigger the lie the more people will believe it. 
That's why the illuminati launched the low cost psy-op: fake airline companies, meant to make a loss not a profit, such as EasyJet and RyanAir, while they drill fake oil prices into new depths.
Examples of oil production costs well above what "buyers pay", above $60 a barrel with "market prices" under $45 [only update 20 months later, Sep 2016: read $70 instead of $60]:
- Russia: the impostor impersonating murdered Putin ordered to drill in the Arctic.
- North America: fracking contaminating aquifers and setting the stage for the literal final descent.

Why illuminati don't lose as much money as the production costs/prices gap suggests
The main reason: prices of most consumer goods don't reflect the fake oil prices.
They rather reflect the oil production costs. 
This is possible because illuminati control not only the oil production but also the production and distribution of those consumer goods, as illlustrated by gasoline.
That's why gas prices are the same as when oil first remained for months above $100 a barrel in 2007/2008.
Illuminati control ALL refineries, what makes irrelevant in this case to additionally check who controls gas stations (side note: most of them also controlled by the illuminati).

Handling exceptions: most striking example are low-cost flights
Illuminati don't lose as much money in this psy-op as what you may think at first sight. 
That's why you can actually buy tickets for $40 to fly EasyJet, RyanAir & Co, unlike special offers of other types that are almost permanently sold out.
Reason: illuminati previously ensured that the demand would be only a fraction of what one would expect considering the prices.

So, why is the human cattle scared to fly?
The answer starts with a general agenda: the ongoing transition to global slavery.
It already drastically reduced jobs, social security payments and savings of a human cattle afraid to lose in the near future what's still left.
The answer continues with collateral benefits of a specific agenda: set the stage to terminate air travel for the human cattle.
This agenda is advanced by two "end of show" series:
1. all episodes of the fake "airliner crashes".
2. countless episodes of the fake "terrorist attacks".
Examples [last updated Jul 2016]: from Paris Bataclan and Nice's Promenade des Anglais to Brussels airport, from Tunisia beaches and museums to Turkey.
Note that some episodes are part of both series. Example: "Sinai desert, Egypt: ISIS shoots down russian tourists".

Fake airliner crashes: "end of show" series.
Vaporized airliners of "all dead" type of fake crashes, from 9/11 to the ongoing "end of show" series.
General agenda now: set the stage for human cattle stripped from air travel.
Each episode and its specific agendas:

Talk of reductionism and BIG BANG:
Original 1993 BIG BANG script still unfolding, only two words changed

Apr 20, 2014

Korean Ferry Mass Ritual Sacrifice of Youth shows how WEAK the illuminati really are

At least 192 out of 200 UN heads of state do nothing but to follow orders of Alexander Adolf Hitler, the illuminati Grand Master, 
All those at least 192 "governments" except one (the US, about to be completed) already passed laws to TOTALLY strip citizens from automatic weapons. 

Yet the illuminati are now weaker than on 911 2001, as illustrated by Mass Ritual Sacrifices.

1992 Waco (children burning) or 2001 New York (trapped people jumping off the 90th floor of the WTC towers): mass sacrifices staged live on TV, as special chapters of operations officially conducted by the gov or of false flags. 

Now illuminati must resort to "accidents".

Bundy Ranch = half-Waco
That's why Bundy Ranch stadoff 2014, supposed to become within days a remake of Waco 1992, will be in fact only half-Waco:
- while it still advances the same legalize terror state agenda as Waco (US citizens killed by Feds on live TV) ...
- this time there is no live mass ritual sacrifice: Bundy Ranch is TOTALLY staged with actors.

Korea Ferry "accident" EXPOSED: Mass Ritual Sacrifice of Youth, same as fire at disco, Santa Maria, Brazil

Mar 2014: Albuquerque Police "Out of Control / Unconstitutional use of force" : psy-op, ALL STAGED with actors


Mar 26, 2014

Washington Mudslide: Cause Hidden in Plain Sight

Illuminati Overtime: gov pushing clearcuts into forests beyond the limits.
"Here is a link to an aerial view of the mudslide. Look at the top of the mountain. Notice the short trees?[1]
That was once a clearcut, I estimate 5 years ago. You can see the cut line of the harvest block.

So that being said I think this disaster was, in part, because of the clearcut. The land had no trees for a time thus nothing to uptake the water from the ground, destabilizing it.
Even as the trees grow for 5 years they can not uptake all of the water in the ground. Over time the land becomes super-saturated, thus collapses in a mud slurry
I know the region has a lot of rain and I think my theory has merit and should be investigated.
There should never have been a clearcut in such a spot. Any forestry professional, not blinded by money, could see this!"

Last Prophet replies:
No need to investigate it.
The simple fact that the truth in Plain Sight is hidden simply by totally omitting it is enough of a proof.


2006 - Who is more of a beast: EVERY engineer or EVERY economist or YOU? 
(Or any forestry professional, not to mention in the gov payroll, for that matter)

Illuminati religion's commandment to serve NOTHING but simulated reality at the end of the show
Why media non-stop shows for more than 2 weeks now a few chinese actors playing family of missing Malaysia Airlines passengers but NONE of the families of the "at least 106" missing after the WASHINGTON landslide


Oct 4, 2010

Privatization of end of world Energy socialized liabilities

The private word, another illuminati End Times paradox: 
illuminati "privatize" the infrastructure, starting with energy, while on the other hand they murder the last real swiss private banker.

The "privatization" of the end of the world - Energy
For oil and gas drilling, with fracking at the very last stage: replace nuclear waste with the REAL geological time bomb in text below.

Nuclear energy
The fuel pools are a liability in perpetuity for Corporations that can file bankruptcy when liabilities exceed assets. 
How much money has been set aside at the Corporate level to manage the fuel pools in perpetuity?
Bankruptcy is the trick to keep this question under the radar.
"Profits are privatized, and liabilities are socialized," and the Nuke Plants were established this way from the beginning.
Most US reactors are 40 years old and the Nuclear Industry (read: the illuminati) wants to get more approved before reality bites. 
With each bite, "fuel pools" become the property of their countries citizens.

Notes - Updates 
May 2011: What is ongoing at Fukushima in the explosive version is what the illuminati planned in the in slow-motion version for all the nuclear "fuel pools" located at each of the 104 Nuke plants in the USA.

November 2012: Tepco seeks more aid as Fukushima clean-up costs rise.
"The owner of crippled the Fukushima nuclear plant, Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) has requested further financial help from the Japanese government. 
It said clean-up costs and compensation claims for those affected by leaks at the plant may exceed initial estimates.
Radiation leaks at the plant after last year's quake and tsunami saw thousands of people evacuated from the area.
The firm has already received 1tn yen ($12.5bn; £7.8bn) in government aid.
The utility was, in effect, nationalised after the government took a 50.11% stake in the group in exchange for the capital injection."

End Times Reductionism: as Gulf of Mexico oiled 2010 was upscaled to world nuked 2011, illuminati no longer need to murder Arnie Gunderson at Fairewinds following exposure of TEPCO lies unlike 
- Matt Simmons 2010, the last expert to expose the BP lies.
- Alex Widmer 2008, the last private banker to refuse the ongoing script "controlled collapse of banks before the BIG BANG". 

Jun 3, 2009

Air France plane destroyed by lightning, mid Atlantic - redux explained for dummies

Another reduction caused by a feed-tube productive system designed to desperately prolong the life of a dying monster. In this case a reduction to save fuel.
The reason for the unprecedented  destruction of the Air France plane between South America and Africa is a direct consequence of the Laws of End Times Reductionism.

In this case the end of the Faraday cage (1), by reduction of metal being replaced by [ P _ _ _ _ _ _ ( S) ].
Basically the same as in this riddle, which also starts with P, and was solved as PET bottles:
"*** WATER BREAKING NEWS *** How the illuminati have been poisoning the populace". (2)

The reduction of the space of the skies where the probability of a plane going bust could be neglected.
Do the somali pirates and the the reduction of the space of the seas where the probability of a vessel going bust could be neglected ring a bell? (3)
Incidentally, what do poisoning the passengers with PET water bottles and saving fuel with  [P _ _ _ _ _ _  (S)] during Flight 666 have to do with the "Space Shuttle" launches, alias flight 000? (4)

Added July 2014: Downed Malaysia Airlines where previously choppers and fighter jets have been downed on almost a daily basis: another event totally staged with actors.
"Coincidentally"the Illuminati try to justify it with the very same  reason they tried to divert from in 2009.

(1) Milestone Air France crash mid Atlantic: end of the Faraday cage (do not click before giving a try to solve the riddle)

(2) OFFICIALLY revealed by Illuminati state TV, May 25, 2009

(3) Somali pirates, champions of end times reductionism

(4) Search for [P _ _ _ _ _ _ (s)] (same word as what was replaced in the airliner of Flight 666) in  the few lines about the Shuttle launches here: 

Jul 2014:  All fake: Malaysia Boeing 777 downed over Ukraine = Boston Marathon bombings: "Putin" in the MAIN role to convince audience that these are real events

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