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Jan 6, 2015

Oil Price below production costs for dummies

From Jan 2015, updates signaled in brackets

Introduction - [Jan 2016: Ebola's 5 chars reduced to 4: ZIKA]
Why Illuminati MUST NOW administrate the KILL SHOT: ZIKA reduced to 3 chars: _I_
1993: WHY did the Illuminati launch the BIG BANG script, the show to terminate all shows? 
_I_ is the unchanged keyword.
Try to solve the riddle before reading the article.
Hint: same keyword as what "Illuminati losing money at the end of the show" refers to.

Oil Price below production costs for dummies
Illuminati losing money at the end of the show: it was exposed by Last Prophet in 1998.

Nov 1998: oil prices of $10 a barrel psy-op 
Staged while oil platforms kept setting new depth records, already beyond 2,000 mt.
The psy-op was part of the agenda "keep human cattle quiet while being transported to the slaughterhouse" in parallel to the ultimatum to Serbia, months before the bombing finally started.
Possible because Illuminati controlled more than 99% of the oil production, same as since Illuminati replaced the murdered Putin with an impostor. 
Jan 2015: at first sight the same psy-op isn't as extreme, with oil prices at $40 a barrel.
The opposite is true and the ultimate reason is not because the psy-op now includes the low-cost airlines offering tickets for also $40.

Psy-op upscaled to the utter limits during illuminati overtime
The bigger the lie the more people will believe it. 
That's why the illuminati launched the low cost psy-op: fake airline companies, meant to make a loss not a profit, such as EasyJet and RyanAir, while they drill fake oil prices into new depths.
Examples of oil production costs well above what "buyers pay", above $60 a barrel with "market prices" under $45 [only update 20 months later, Sep 2016: read $70 instead of $60]:
- Russia: the impostor impersonating murdered Putin ordered to drill in the Arctic.
- North America: fracking contaminating aquifers and setting the stage for the literal final descent.

Why illuminati don't lose as much money as the production costs/prices gap suggests
The main reason: prices of most consumer goods don't reflect the fake oil prices.
They rather reflect the oil production costs. 
This is possible because illuminati control not only the oil production but also the production and distribution of those consumer goods, as illlustrated by gasoline.
That's why gas prices are the same as when oil first remained for months above $100 a barrel in 2007/2008.
Illuminati control ALL refineries, what makes irrelevant in this case to additionally check who controls gas stations (side note: most of them also controlled by the illuminati).

Handling exceptions: most striking example are low-cost flights
Illuminati don't lose as much money in this psy-op as what you may think at first sight. 
That's why you can actually buy tickets for $40 to fly EasyJet, RyanAir & Co, unlike special offers of other types that are almost permanently sold out.
Reason: illuminati previously ensured that the demand would be only a fraction of what one would expect considering the prices.

So, why is the human cattle scared to fly?
The answer starts with a general agenda: the ongoing transition to global slavery.
It already drastically reduced jobs, social security payments and savings of a human cattle afraid to lose in the near future what's still left.
The answer continues with collateral benefits of a specific agenda: set the stage to terminate air travel for the human cattle.
This agenda is advanced by two "end of show" series:
1. all episodes of the fake "airliner crashes".
2. countless episodes of the fake "terrorist attacks".
Examples [last updated Jul 2016]: from Paris Bataclan and Nice's Promenade des Anglais to Brussels airport, from Tunisia beaches and museums to Turkey.
Note that some episodes are part of both series. Example: "Sinai desert, Egypt: ISIS shoots down russian tourists".

Dec 2014: the "oil prices" psy-op starts the final approach to land, to finally briefly touch illuminati's magic number 33 [ground zero finally hit Jan 2016].
Oil "market" even more extreme than Hamburgers and the rest of fast food, where more than 90%, from McDonald's to Burger King, served by one and the same entity, the illuminati.
Fake oil market: Control of oil production, fake oil prices:
OIL wells, rigs, platforms: worldwide only Idlib in Syria, Mosul in Iraq, parts of eastern Libya and East Timor not controlled by the illuminati
Why oil price is half of its average production cost in the USA: - for dummies
Two main reasons:
1. From "Putin" to Venezuela, from Saudi Arabia to Iran, from Nigeria to Angola: ALL illuminazi puppets transferring as much oil as they can to illuminati depots.
2. The oil futures currently being traded are not meant to be actually supplied.

Fake airliner crashes: "end of show" series.
Vaporized airliners of "all dead" type of fake crashes, from 9/11 to the ongoing "end of show" series.
General agenda now: set the stage for human cattle stripped from air travel.
Each episode and its specific agendas:

Talk of reductionism and BIG BANG:
Original 1993 BIG BANG script still unfolding, only two words changed

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