Total brainwash in Illuminatiland makes it last and last.

Apr 20, 2014

Korean Ferry Mass Ritual Sacrifice of Youth shows how WEAK the illuminati really are

At least 192 out of 200 UN heads of state do nothing but to follow orders of Alexander Adolf Hitler, the illuminati Grand Master, 
All those at least 192 "governments" except one (the US, about to be completed) already passed laws to TOTALLY strip citizens from automatic weapons. 

Yet the illuminati are now weaker than on 911 2001, as illustrated by Mass Ritual Sacrifices.

1992 Waco (children burning) or 2001 New York (trapped people jumping off the 90th floor of the WTC towers): mass sacrifices staged live on TV, as special chapters of operations officially conducted by the gov or of false flags. 

Now illuminati must resort to "accidents".

Bundy Ranch = half-Waco
That's why Bundy Ranch stadoff 2014, supposed to become within days a remake of Waco 1992, will be in fact only half-Waco:
- while it still advances the same legalize terror state agenda as Waco (US citizens killed by Feds on live TV) ...
- this time there is no live mass ritual sacrifice: Bundy Ranch is TOTALLY staged with actors.

Korea Ferry "accident" EXPOSED: Mass Ritual Sacrifice of Youth, same as fire at disco, Santa Maria, Brazil

Mar 2014: Albuquerque Police "Out of Control / Unconstitutional use of force" : psy-op, ALL STAGED with actors


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