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Oct 4, 2010

Privatization of end of world Energy socialized liabilities

The private word, another illuminati End Times paradox: 
illuminati "privatize" the infrastructure, starting with energy, while on the other hand they murder the last real swiss private banker.

The "privatization" of the end of the world - Energy
For oil and gas drilling, with fracking at the very last stage: replace nuclear waste with the REAL geological time bomb in text below.

Nuclear energy
The fuel pools are a liability in perpetuity for Corporations that can file bankruptcy when liabilities exceed assets. 
How much money has been set aside at the Corporate level to manage the fuel pools in perpetuity?
Bankruptcy is the trick to keep this question under the radar.
"Profits are privatized, and liabilities are socialized," and the Nuke Plants were established this way from the beginning.
Most US reactors are 40 years old and the Nuclear Industry (read: the illuminati) wants to get more approved before reality bites. 
With each bite, "fuel pools" become the property of their countries citizens.

Notes - Updates 
May 2011: What is ongoing at Fukushima in the explosive version is what the illuminati planned in the in slow-motion version for all the nuclear "fuel pools" located at each of the 104 Nuke plants in the USA.

November 2012: Tepco seeks more aid as Fukushima clean-up costs rise.
"The owner of crippled the Fukushima nuclear plant, Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) has requested further financial help from the Japanese government. 
It said clean-up costs and compensation claims for those affected by leaks at the plant may exceed initial estimates.
Radiation leaks at the plant after last year's quake and tsunami saw thousands of people evacuated from the area.
The firm has already received 1tn yen ($12.5bn; £7.8bn) in government aid.
The utility was, in effect, nationalised after the government took a 50.11% stake in the group in exchange for the capital injection."

End Times Reductionism: as Gulf of Mexico oiled 2010 was upscaled to world nuked 2011, illuminati no longer need to murder Arnie Gunderson at Fairewinds following exposure of TEPCO lies unlike 
- Matt Simmons 2010, the last expert to expose the BP lies.
- Alex Widmer 2008, the last private banker to refuse the ongoing script "controlled collapse of banks before the BIG BANG". 

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